How to Prepare Egusi soup

Hey Darlings!!!   So,if you’re not Nigerian, you’re probably wondering…’What the heck is Egusi???!!!’ But,if you’re Nigerian and you want to prepare the most delicious Egusi soup of all time,for that special someone, family or just for yourself,You have come to the right blog! There are several ways to prepare Egusi soup but the best… Continue reading How to Prepare Egusi soup


Hi Darling!!! This is my blog. N this is my first blog post. Thank you for visiting!!! XoXo!!😘 Okay! You see, I come from a long generation of awesome cooks… and food lovers. …I guess that’s why I’m this way…🙈   Anyway…. GoodFood is about you,me and goodfood…plus Fun and tons of exciting new recipes!!!… Continue reading